Welcome to the Meditech Users Network

The MUN was set up to influence the strategic direction of the MEDITECH product in the EU along with representing MEDITECH system users in discussions with suppliers.

Participating organisations are required to be fully paid up members of MUN and be based in the EU. They must pay any duties levied in a timely manner or risk suspension until the dues are paid. Each organisation operating the MEDITECH software will be entitled to a maximum of 2 pre-defined representatives at meetings either of which is eligible to vote. Each member organisation is responsible for the term of their 2 representatives. Exceptionally, and with prior notification, other representatives may attend in accordance with item 6 of the Peer Group Terms of Reference.

Officers of the MUN Executive Group consist of, Chairman, Chairman-elect, past Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Peer Group Co-ordinator, have a 2 year tenure and should be from different healthcare organisations. The outgoing chairman having completed a 2 year term of office automatically fills the past chairman post and the Chairman elect becomes the new Chairman. Other existing post holders can stand for re-election.

The Executive Group meet at least 3 times a year, including at the annual MUN Conference and meetings will be chaired by the elected chairman. In their absence, meetings will be chaired by the Chairman elect. A representative from Centennial MIT and another from MEDITECH will be invited to partake in each meeting.


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